and the faces behind the museum

The people behind the Australian Football Shirt Museum are Dennis Kylau (GER) and Nelson Hughes (AUS). The oversea friendship started many years ago and unsurprisingly with a football shirt of the Socceroos. Nelson has sold a spare Socceroos training kit to Dennis on Ebay and when they talked a bit closer about collecting Socceroos shirts both recognized that they already have quite a big Australian jersey collection. From that day onwards they were searching for every Australian national shirt they can get and you can imagine that the search has also become a little competition between both as well when there was a jersey both didn´t had so far.

One day they decided that collecting these shirts is one thing and people as well as football players might be interested to have a look at their collection, too. All together it already has been a little piece of a huge Australian football history but to make the idea big, the two came up with the idea of an official museum. As a kid Dennis always had the wish and dream to set up a real Australian football museum, full of Australian sports clothes people can have a look at before going to a Sports event in Australia. Money rules the World and investments huge projects but as both are just regular jersey collectors without any financial support from any investor the idea of a museum people can visit changed from plan A to plan B. The first step and therefore the new plan A has been to create a website with their collected Australian Sports gear so people from all over the World can have a look at without necessarily flying to Australia. That was the birth of the Australian Football Shirt Museum.

The main collection to that time has been Socceroos kits only, but to represent a complete Australian football museum they started trying to get Australian national shirts from every level like Olyroos U23, Young Socceroos U20, Joeys U17, Matildas, Young Matildas, Pararoos and Futsalroos. You can imagine that this is quite a huge challenge and support from everyone, former players, active players, former coaching staff, kitmen and other worldwide collectors is needed. Otherwise this collection stays as it is and won´t grow as much as it might could do which also means the piece of Australian Sports history is in many helping hands. We appreciate your support and please feel free to get in touch with us. We, as the Australian Football Shirt Museum are one, but with all of you out there we are many and able to reach another historical level auf Australian football history.