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Sports Australia would like to introduce the faces behind the Australian Football Shirt Museum and ask a few questions some people might have.

Sports Australia: Who are the people behind the Australian Football Shirt Museum?

AFSM: The people behind the Australian Football Shirt Museum are Dennis Kylau (GER) and Nelson Hughes (AUS).

              Dennis Kylau                               Nelson Hughes

Sports Australia: Where does this connection come from?

AFSM: The oversea friendship started many years ago and unsurprisingly with a football shirt of the Socceroos. Nelson has sold a spare Socceroos shirt
            to Dennis and when they talked a bit deeper about collecting Socceroos shirts both recognized that they already have quite a big Socceroos collection.

            From that day onwards they were searching for every Socceroos shirt they can get but also as a little competition once a shirt was available they both
            didn´t have.

Sports Australia: What is the main idea behind your online museum?

AFSM: Well, we recognized early in the past that not only the Socceroos but football itself in Australia was something special, but still a bit underrated in this
            country. With this fact some special football matches and achievements didn´t received the same attention compared to other nations we were afraid 
            to lose part of sports history too easily. And this part were the Socceroos kits our team has worn and the stories behind them.

Sports Australia: So does this mean you run this collection just by yourself? No any supporter like the Football Federation Australia (FFA)?

AFSM: Yes! The collection we have is just owned by us with no kind of any financial support. Every single money we invested to get the shirts is just private

            money. We tried to involve the FFA several times and for different reasons but their reaction was quite disappointed to us. Their last feedback was
            that a Socceroos or football museum is not the focus of the FFA with many other projects running at the moment with a bigger priority.

Sports Australia: When there is no financial support and the FFA is not taking care of it how do you get for example new released shirts or older shirts

                             of the past?

AFSM: We are able to get older and new player shirts on different ways. The first way would be after a Socceroos match as long as a player is fine to give
            one of his match shirts into our hands. But due to a strong demand of many people it got harder to receive a shirt by a player as many shirts are given
            to kids, family members and closer friends. This is something which has changed a lot compared to the players of the 80s & 90s. They appreciated our
            support and the idea of s future Socceroos museum.
            The second way is to buy the player shirts from several selling platforms in the web which has become quite an expensive hobby anyway. Collecting
            football shirts is for many people more than just a hobby and so there are many hands grabbing for the same treasure.
            The third way is by trading with other collectors. Especially this helped us a lot receiving new shirts and people like Shaun Kastelijn, Alëx Cheung,
            Doug Bierton, to call only a few, are part of the collection we are proud to have so far.

Sports Australia: So can you tell us which shirt is your most liked one?

AFSM: There is, or better said, there are of course some jerseys with a more interesting story but in the end our goal is to get each Socceroos kit of each  
            season as a player version. We are happy to call more than 150 different Socceroos shirts our own but there are still plenty of shirts we need to reach
            the next step of our vision. The vision of a real Socceroos or Australian Football Shirt Museum people and tourists can enter during a visit of Australia.